Applications that offer the typical functions of an audio guide. The users can regulate device volume, pause the device, stop and start the device as he pleases. In order to give the best in terms of comfort to users, the application has a map through which it is possible to follow the audio guide through its itinerary in all its stops.

AudioGuide WeAGoo

Each guide was built by Weagoo, a firm specialized in the collection and processing of cultural, artistic, historical, architectonical and naturalistic data of tourist interest. Weagoo chose Map2app as developing software for audio guides. Utilizing its contents and data, Weagoo transformed its guides on paper into web applications. A great partnership has given birth to more than 20 beautiful guides. These guides offer to users fully detailed information on their staying in a place of interest, a map rich in geo-referenced points of interest, and all the comfort of the possibility to utilize the contents of the application even when there is no connection. Indeed, the real comfort is that guides are entirely on audio, so that users are not compelled to read on a small screen.WeAGoo Audioguides


Listen to Sicily Audioguides

We had a great partnership also with Listen to Sicily, a portal specialized on the implementation of map of the Sicilian territory. By utilizing Map2app software, Listen2 Sicily has built many audio guides of several Sicilian towns like Catania, Ragusa, Modica, and so on. Each application, which is free downloadable even through the map on paper through a QRcode, is a big container of the images of the place of interest, curiosities of the local traditions and history, geo-localized information on hotels, bad and breakfast, agriturism farms, restaurants, souvenirs, and traditional products.
Simply listening to the audio while it leads us through the most beautiful towns during our trip and so having a comfortable holiday: this is the advantage of an audio guide!Listen to Sicily Audioguides