The following set of applications will give evidence how a travel agency, an hotel, an adventure park sunk in the green, and a nice small island can all profit from an application.

Lake Como Travel Guide App

“Lake Como Travel Guide App” is the first complete guide to tourism on Lake Como available on App. This is not an official App, but its contents have been created with care by those who deeply loves Lake Como, with the aim of sharing this passion with those who want to visit this wonderful place.
“Lake Como Travel Guide App” provides a guide to the entire territory of the lake at 360°. The App uses GPS geolocation: so it is easy to move around to discover an unknow territory, displaying the attractions closest to you directly on the map. All the content are offline so that it is possible to access information even when connectivity is not available (except for the connection to websites). Available on all mobile devices, smartphone or tablet.



Visit Bologna by Cosmopolitan

Built by the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Bologna, this application gives all the relevant information on the hotel, with images of the rooms, menu and wine list, also special offers and vouchers, a booking form directly from the application, events and fairs, as to give to the tourists that are going to stay in the hotel all they need. The application is provided with connections to the social channels and Trip Advisor, so that it is possible to review the quality of one’s stay in the hotel and be constantly updates. Last but not least, Visit Bologna by Cosmopolitan is a real travel guide of Bologna. Museums, historical places and cultural attractions all geo-referenced! Click and discover our offer for hotels!



Viaggi di Nozze: la guida Top

A fabulous application devoted to all honeymooners that wish to organize their honeymoon trips. Thousands and thousands travel ideas, a category for suggested travels, a category for top hotels where to have the honeymoon trip of your dreams. And again, impressive photo galleries of paradisiac locations and a section devoted to those who wish to perform their wedding ceremony abroad. All the proposed destinations and resorts are geo-referenced, so that to detect immediately where they are in the world. The contact form allows users to ask for information and appointments directly through the app.



Verde Natura: viaggi e vacanze

Another application devoted to vacations in the nature! Weekend travel packages to stay surrounded by green. Hiking, boating and cycling itineraries through wonderful landscapes where each point of interest is geo-localized. Every package is described through images and displayed according to its grade of difficulty, its travel time, and many other key-words. There is also the possibility to ask for a personalized price quotation through one’s own mobile, as it is possible to download the information form of Verde Natura in every package.




The travel guide of a beautiful town by the sea of Bahia, a tourist destination in north east of Brazil. An exhaustive and effective application, even though simple. Some short descriptions leave room to images, and several categories offers a wide choice among hotels, restaurants, nightclub, shopping centres, monuments, tourist attractions and many other items. There are descriptions of the means of transport and a special category all devoted to the beaches of the island. Most contents are linked to the concerned web sites, so that the scope of the information of the application covers almost every detail. Every place of interest is localized on map and the application shows the directions to reach it.