If you are going to create a destination guide the first thing you need is content. Apps created using map2app are usually made up of Points of interest, Events and Stories. In order to help you to create your app quickly we allow you to import lists of items in XLS, CSV, RSS and KML format. Read below to discover all the features of map2app.


Easily import your data

If you have one or more lists of places and items you can easily import them into map2app in few minutes as .XLS or .CSV files.

Add your RSS FEED

Sometimes content must be online. A classic example is managing events via RSS feed. If you have RSS feed available you can easily link it to your app.

Translate you app in one click

Thanks to the integration of map2app with Google Translate, in just one click you can translate all the contents of your app into almost any language.

Safe storage in our cloud system

All of your contents are safely saved in the cloud so that you can access them – and update your app – from any computer and browser.

All of your content will be available offline

Apps created with map2app are for travelers. For this reason all the texts, pictures and audios are stored offline so that they are always available.


Map2app is a simple but powerful tool to design outstanding destination apps. Once you uploaded your content into the platform you can group your items in categories, set the look and feel of your app and test it on your device.


Customize your app’s layout

Create or import places and stories. Group them in categories, add media, customize the look and feel of your app and publish it. It is easy!

Define your app’s categories

You can group your places, stories and events in categories such as “Museums”, “Bars”, “Events”, etc. Define your own categories and make a unique guide!

Create a professional audioguide

Map2app allows you to create professional audio guides, with geo located audio tracks, slideshows and in multiple languages.

Add custom trips to your app

Add customized trips for your users. They will be able to track the path, follow guided tours and reach some hidden destinations on your territory.

Customize app sections

Add the Weather section or the Favorites’ section. Also the map is a section! Remove it and you will be able to create catalogs, cookbooks and any kind of list.

On device preview before publishing

You can test your app at any time on your device before publishing it. Show your app around, collect feedbacks and publish only when you are ready.


Once you have tested your app on your device and everything looks good you are ready to publish it. You can choose too publish your app under our iPhone and Apple accounts or under yours. When publishing with us your app will also be featured in our mobile marketplace and get extra visibility.


We assist you during the launch phase

Do you need help to open an Apple account? Do you want to talk with us about the best launch strategies and promotional tools? We are here to help.

Update your app’s content content when you need it

Once your app is published you will always be able to add new content and push it to your users. Keep your app updated and your users will love it.

Spread your personal smart QR code

We will deliver to you a smart QRcode that, depending on the device, redirects the user to download the right version of the app.

Analyze your app’s performance

Map2app gives you access to the analytics of your app. See your daily downloads, where people downloaded the app from and much more.