We love collaborating with schools, with kids and teachers. This video tells one of the many stories of a teacher who worked with his young kids for building an app about their town. Check out some of the amazing apps made for educational purposes just below. Students and teachers can contact us at, we think that making a travel guide is a great way for kids for learning more about maps, content, photography, history etc. and, when it is possible, we are happy to help.

Corner Brook, NL, Canada

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This app has been created by 70 kids, aged between 8 and 10. The app is about Corner Brook a small town in New Foundland, Canada.
It took the children a whole semester to complete it. They did an amazing job, they drew the icons on paper and then scanned them, they took all of the hundreds pictures that appear in the app, they recorded audio interviews… they built a great guide to their town showing that anybody can build an app using map2app.


Susan Horner’s Florence

This amazing application built by the students of the Master in Communication History of the University of Bologna was inspired by the diaries of the English writer Susan Horner’s experience of her long stay in Florence in 1861. The application is able to make us live Susan’s experience in Florence through all the geo-referential points of interest and leads us through each stage of her real experience. Every point of interest is provided with some texts and audio files with quotes from her diaries. A photo gallery collects all the relevant images. Even a real life experience like the unforgettable memory of a trip can take the form of an application and become indelible testimony.




The application of the province of Viterbo is a practical travel guide coming from the project of the homonymous project of the final dissertation of Davide Rossi, a graduand in the university of Rome La Sapienza. A lots of categories that cover many sundry points of interest, from places of interest for art and culture to natural areas, from resorts, restaurants and hotels to events. The itineraries are all traced on map and richly described and commented. A geo-referenced map with the GPS tracking function is available for each point of interest, then it will be exactly like holding a real navigator. A smart idea was to make the application an interactive guide adding the possibility to contact its author for advice.



Welcome to Tirana

A really comprehensive travel guide of Tirana. Through this application it is really possible to find any kind of information. In fact, there are descriptions, photos, videos, contacts, information on public transports, information on night life and entertainment, parks, restaurants, information on where to spend a night, just to quote a few. The real peculiarity of this application is its rich category devoted to libraries and universities! Like in every application, each point of interest is geo-referenced, there are also directions and visualizations of the distances between two points of interest. The contents of the application are available even when the connection is off. This application is perfect for any type of tourist, but it could be perfect even for a student in this beautiful town!