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We Are A Group of Passionate Designers, Developers and….Travelers

Map2App is a WeAGoo s.r.l. brand

We deal with technology, guides and content to improve territorial promotion and destinations through an online platform. We create Android and iOS Apps and HTML5, interactive pdf guides and we have a proprietary database of Points of Interest built specifically for mobile devices (here a example). We allow our customers to independently design their own promotion strategy through our tools, or entrust us with the complete work. We are structured to provide professional products and complete content.

What We Do

WeAGoo has over 30,000 points of tourist interest, a proprietary database that includes all the Italian provinces, cities of art and main tourist destinations as well as European capitals. The WeAGoo database was created specifically to provide practical and essential information for mobile applications and can be integrated into the Map2App platform or third-party Apps.

Map2App is a platform that allows anyone to easily create an APP for iOS and Android systems without knowing a line of code. It’s simple, it allows you to focus only on the content and the graphics, the rest is taken care of by the production engine” of that lies behind.

The platform is particularly suitable for those who need to create a product with geo-localized information.

Map2App App builder

East to west, north to south, customers from all over the world use our platform to create Apps that have destination, territory and cities in common

Point Of Interest (POI)

If you want to develop an App for a city or for a commercial structure and you need information on the main tourist attractions in the area, you can always access our database

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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

WeAGoo is a company where the mission is to enable every person and every organization to get more from the knowledge of the territory or a destination with products and services, with technology and passion

Driven by Data

Everything there is to visit, discover, live in a territory has a physical address. Geo-localization is important because it allows you to get there

Your Users are Our Users

Customers today are more demanding, and their opinion is important. The more satisfied they are, the higher the company’s reputation is, so not only do they need a beautiful product, but also a functional product

A complete 360° offer

We are not a software house, we are not publishers, we are not a communication company, we are a company that knows how tourists interact with technology.

We Believe that Your Experience Begins Before You Even Download the App and Even When You Aren’t Using It.  Our Job is to Connect The Different Ways Your Users Experience Your Destination through Technology.

Have a Project in Mind?

You can start using our platform now or you can contact us and we will assess together what we can offer you, how we can do it and if we are the right company for you. We don’t have to sell you something at any cost, we prefer satisfied customers who continue to use our products and services rather than occasional and unsatisfied ones.