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We are sorry to inform Map2App customers that as of December 01, 2021 the Map2App platform will cease operations.
This choice, although painful, is the consequence that COVID-19 in the year 2020 and 2021 had on the economic sustainability of the company.
Our platform dedicated to tourism apps has seen more than 90% of subscriptions cancelled by our customers, both domestic and international.
What to do for users?
a) We suggest to request the backup of your data (tests and photos) in your backend through the form below. You will receive a compressed file at the indicated email address.
b) for users who have their apps published with Map2App account on Apple and Google stores, if you want to keep your app active on the stores, or you think to reuse the same app name to create a new one, we suggest you to open your own developer account (Google and Apple) and ask us to pass the app currently under our account to the new developer account.
Below are the links to open the individual accounts.



No later than January 15, 2022, we will move the respective apps to customers who request them before December 01, 2021. After this date, portability will not be guaranteed.
We remind customers that if you want to republish an app with the same name, you must have the migration of the existing one to the new account.

Data Backup Require

I will ask to migrate my app published with the map2app account to a new account

Do you have a Google and or Apple developer account?

I will open a new account by December 01, 2021