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Map2App App Builder

Map2App is WeAGoo’s online platform for developing native iOS, Android and HTML5 apps available to anyone who wants to create an app for tourism purposes.

Map2App platform

Native Apps


Point Of Interest (POI)

WeAGoo is a company that creates geolocalized content (POI) that can be licensed free of charge to Map2app customers that can integrate it into their mobile applications.

POI (geo-contents)


Map2App is a cheap platform that allows anyone to easily create an APP for iOS, Android systems and HTML5, without knowing a line of code. It’s easy, it allows you to focus only on the content and the graphics, the rest is taken care of by the “engine” of generation that lies behind.

The platform is particularly suitable for those who need to create a product with geo-localized information.


Once logged in, you will have your own space for your App created on our Amazon and Google servers. Commonly called “backend”, you will have the possibility to easily create a category structure in which to insert your contents.


Create your app’s structure using categories; enrich it with text, photos, audio and video; customize it by choosing colors, icons and graphic layout. Test it on an android device and only once satisfied with the work publish it for Android, iOS and HTML5.



The platform supports 26 languages and you can decide whether to translate the texts yourself or use the automatic translator

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Languages supported:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Albanian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Greek, Norwegian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Thai, Urdu.


Categories are folders that make up the structure of the app. They contain the items: tabs where you can upload text, images, icons, audio and video. For each category and item you can upload the icon or image of your choice.

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  • “standard” that contain local items
  •  “rss” contain a link to rss external sources of a website. Useful for real-time updates.
  • “itinerary” looks like a standard category but with the ability to link a KML file whose tracks will be displayed on the map for that category.


  • Place, being a place refers to an address and will be displayed on the map
  • Event, it’s like Place but it’s also dated with a calendar and a frequency, this allows you to show or hide the card during the period indicated.
  • Story, as place but being generic narrative it is not displayed on the map.
  • Web page, is a link to an external page that will be seen as a tab in the app but will open an external page of a website.

Each item consists of fields and general information:

  1. Address and/or date (only for Place and event), Website, Email, Phone, Price, Booking link, Opening time, More info
  2. A text card that accepts html formatting and a maximum length of 5,000 characters
  3. A session where connecting images saved in your Media Gallery
  4. A part where you can link the audio file and/or a link to a video on YouTube


The media gallery is a space where you can upload, divided by “folders”, all media content, icons, photos, images, mp3 files. From here, you can decide which to link to the item or simply keep them saved in your space.

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Max space available 200Mb.

The files in the Media Gallery are independent from being actually present in the app.


Design is the session where you can decide what kind of graphics your App will have. With your logo, the photos you choose and the colors you prefer the app will be totally customized.

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Colors of the backgrounds of the frames, the font, the color of the character, the image to put on the background of the app, the home screen if it has to show the list of categories in list mode or to icons with matrix 2×1, 2×2, 3×2, 3×3, 4×3 and any swipe, the image to use when installing the app and much more.


Here you can add supplementary modules to your app. Each module adds new functionalities to your app.

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The list of module available is:

  • Home (default)
  • Map, show or hide the map button
  • Favorites, user can add any place in a favourite folder to show only these in the map
  • Inbox, if you want activate the message receiver and store in the app
  • Report, when active, lets you take pictures and send them with the geo-localized link of Google Maps. You can define a default email address but remember that the user can modify it when he will send the picture.
  • Link a Category, this module allows you to select a particular category from your App and make it directly accessible from the Tab Menu.


To see what your app will look like once it’s published, test it for free on an android device. The App installed on your smartphone will work only for 7 days, then you will need to run and export another test.

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You will be sent an email to the address you want with a link to download an APK (installation package for Android) that will work completely with the exception of push notifications.


In this area you will indicate all the information about you and your app that will be used to create the card on google play and apple store.

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The name of the app, the icon that must be present in the stores, the description of the app, the tags useful for searching for the app, personal contact information.


Your app is complete! It’s time to publish it and show it to the world. Once we receive the payment we will proceed with the publication. Waiting times vary depending on the platform chosen.

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The platform allows you to export your project in 3 formats:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Html5


iOS and Android Apps are developed in native code by Map2App platform.

Our apps install all the content on your smartphone, allowing you to work even without a connection. The App can also be used in areas with low network coverage, in train, plane and ship, and is faster to use.


Read the information in “Map2App platform”



The publication price of the app depends on the chosen plan, the number of platforms, the amount of content and the number of languages.


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The price for developing the App for Android and iOS in “ONE OFF FEE” mode starts from 608€, while in case of Monthly Payment the price starts from 95€/month. For more information read the “Price” session


We’ll take care of it. If you use the Map2App developer account you don’t have to do anything, if you use your Google or Apple developer account you must share the access to the account with us.

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For Apple, the work is greater than Google because you have to create and manage certificates for both the App and the account itself. It’s a complex and long task but we take care of it ourselves.


The application takes up 20 MB plus all the content you will use for the application. The texts occupy very little, what makes the App heavy are the uploaded images.

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To get a lightweight App to download and use it’s better to optimize the images in jpg format weighing 300-400kb.


Unlike iOS which downloads all the content in one file and then installs it on your phone, Android installs the empty program and then all the individual files.


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For example, if there are 200 photos in the app, the app will download 200 individual files from our AWS server.


Using the platform to develop one or more Apps does not grant you the right to the source code. The source code remains property of WeAGoo while the contents are yours. Under no circumstances will WeAGoo provide the source code to the customer.

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The payment by the customer is intended as a “license to use” the platform, the compilation of the application and the publication in stores in favor of WeAGoo.


Apple and Google require you to keep the App updated at least in the code that must become compatible with new smartphones that have come out on the market after the App was published.

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We recommend that you do at least one republication per year, alternatively you may see your App removed from their stores.


If your goal is to create an interactive map, complete with information, audio and geolocation of points of interest, our HTML5 is the product for you.

It shares the same Map2App backend to make native Apps, the application you get is a complete package of all the code and media content to install on a web hosting and running on both smartphones and desktops. Economical, easy, integrable in communication such as email, websites, social media, sms…



By choosing the HTML5 option you will get a complete package of interactive and multimedia map to be installed on your hosting and that will work both on PC and Smartphone in responsive mode.

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The difference between Web Apps and native iOS and Android Apps are:

  • Independence from Google and Apple stores
  • Operation exclusively in online mode
  • Some graphical layout features are limited
  • Ease of third-party editing
  • Cost-effectiveness

Multichannel distribution

If your goal is to distribute the map and the information it contains using multiple channels, HTML5 is perfect for this purpose.

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In fact, the application becomes a “url” that can be used in Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail, SMS etc.. You can provide it to third parties for easy integration into other websites. For example, if you are a DMO you can provide the map to all hotels who can integrate it in their sites or in their email communications.

HTML code

The exported package is a fully functional code and you can easily adapt it to your needs, differently from native Apps, you don’t have to republish the app.

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Once exported, you can easily modify the code, any website developer can easily make any changes to adapt it to your needs or your site. The big advantage is that most of the work has already been done by our system.

Google Maps

The application uses Google Maps and its native functions, including building paths and viewing your uploaded paths in the Map2App backend.

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Based on the Map2App Backend platform, it allows you to upload audio files, kml files and category management and get an interactive map. What you need to do is to provide us with the Google Maps API key. To use the Google Maps platform, you need to have a billing account even if the service is provided for more than 20,000 free calls per month. The billing account is used to keep track of the costs associated with your projects. Make sure you understand how your billing account works in our FAQ.

POI – Destination content made easy

If you want to create a tourist app, with Map2App and WeAGoo you don’t have to know how to program, you don’t have to search or create contents of a destination, who gives you more?

You just have to have a good idea and decide to make it happen.


Content for a destination

Each App that has a purpose with tourists and visitors to a location, to make it interesting must provide information about the destination … this is not optional but necessary!

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We know how difficult it is to search for and create information on places, buildings, monuments, parks of a city or a larger location, verify the information, geo-localize it and obtain photographs. Copying them from other websites is not possible and you risk having to pay a fine for copyright infringement. If you already have your content you don’t need anything else, but if you want to produce it again try to think about how fast and easy it will be for you to integrate our POIs that are specially made and ready to integrate.

What is a POI?

Point of interest or POI is a geo-localized content of information present in a given location making it more interesting for a visitor.


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A tourist POI is generally used to lead a visitor to a particularly known area. Using the smartphone’s GPS and the Map2App platform allows a user to see these attractions within the map and close to him, making the application more interesting and useful.


WeAGoo has created more than 30,000 points of interest for tourist information only according to its own model for smartphones and perfectly integrated into third-party projects.

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Our points are made specifically to be used offline in a smartphone, that is, they are never longer than 480 characters, which is equivalent to reading in 30 seconds, the limit of attention of users who notoriously do not like to scroll on their device while consulting it. Our POIs are categorized by type and have a context photo to easily identify and recognize the place or building.

POI types and languages

We have only content of tourist interest such as parks, buildings, theaters, monuments, castles, etc.. both in English and Italian. We do not include commercial activities; we leave them to our customers who can decide whether or not to integrate them.

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Features of WeAGoo POIs:

  • Name of the POI
  • Max 480 characters description length (Italian/English)
  • Category
  • GPS coordinates
  • Full address (city, province, region, state – address and number)
  • Context photo for immediate place/attraction recognition
  • For some POIs, links to the respective official websites (e.g. museums) are available
  • Unique ID (ID_CLI) assigned to the customer for each POI

Available categories :
Palaces / Buildings – Churches / Religious Places – Squares / Streets / Places – Museums – Facilities – Monuments – Theatres – Castles – Parks / Gardens – Parks / Amusements – Golf Courses –
Naturalistic Places – Historical Places – Villages – Stations* – Other, Curiosities

* for some cities (eg Venice) ferry stops are geolocalized, for others railway stations, airports, ports, etc.. are indicated only if relevant. The category “stations” is not intended to provide information on lines, minor stations, bus stops etc…


Over 1,500 cities including European capitals, cities of art and all Italian provinces. In addition to the major destinations we have also mapped smaller locations in the Italian territory.


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With over 1,2000 Italian municipalities, we have a capillary coverage of Italy, this allows us to provide information even of neighboring municipalities or larger areas such as those of an entire region. Abroad, we already have the major European capitals and some international capitals available. If our content is not as requested, we are open to generating content even for locations currently not covered, quickly and in the same format.

The list of available cities is here

Prices and license

They are free for Map2App customers, but you pay for the item to be present in the App. For others, a license can still be purchased to use applications or websites that were not developed with Map2App. Contact our office for more information.

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The contents are licensed for annual use. For Map2App customers who want to integrate them into the App created with the Map2App backend, the contents will be uploaded directly by us, they will pay only for the numerical presence of the items but not for the added value of the content. Map2App has a dynamic price based on how many cards are present, each added POI will be counted as 1 card. The customer will only pay once at the publishing stage or through monthly payments if he chooses the “subscription” mode.