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Map2App – cessation of activity

November 2, 2021


we are sorry to inform Map2App customers that starting to December 01, 2021, the Map2App platform will cease online operations and will no longer be available

More information is available at the following page

We apologize to all our customers.

Map2app team

You can create your own mobile applications so that your users can enjoy their experience on the go

Map2App is an online platform that makes it as easy as possible for you to create travel guides for iPhone, Android and HTML5 devices. Building your own app has never been easier. No coding experience is required, you can create professional travel apps in a few hours.

Compared to other platforms, Map2App is not only code, but it also offers its customers free charge more than 30,000 points of interest (POI) in all Italian provinces, cities of art and major European capitals with information specifically designed for mobile applications.

Our platform is specialized for the creation of tourist & destination apps

What you will find on our platform has been designed only for the creation of apps oriented to tourism or the promotion of a destination. It contains map modules, GPS, KML format path insertion, camera with geographical coordinates of where the picture is taken, MP3 track links for audio guides and much more.

Our Apps are made to work off-line, all the contents are usable directly from the phone even when you are sitting comfortably in an airplane, in the middle of the desert or in a forest. It doesn’t matter if there is no network coverage, our applications will still work because all contents will be downloaded to your smartphone.

The Map2App backend

Productivity, Easy to Use

Once you have registered on the Map2App platform, you will have everything you need to create your own App…. The platform has been developed so that anyone can easily work without the need for technical expertise.

Over 7,000 users have already used our platform

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Case Studies

K2C Biosphere Info App

South Africa

The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere was registered with UNESCO in 2001 under their Man and the Biosphere Programme. This app is to aid stakeholders, visitors and interested parties with information related to the MaB concept in general as well as to how to get involved and take action towards supporting and adhering to principles within the MaB concept.

developer Wild about Info Apps

This customer has also developed:

Marico Biosphere Info App, Wild About Kruger Park, Wild About Madiba, Wild About Hoedspruit and Wild About Mozambique

What We Offer

FAST Development

Map2App gives you full native performance on both iOS and Android. Stay focused on the structure, content, graphics, we’ll take care of the code. Your app can be ready in a few days, it will depend exclusively on how much time you dedicate to it

Graphic and module

You can decide the graphics, colors, background images of the app, the arrangement of the icons and the display layout, the pin that will be displayed on the map, define the main menu … all easily


Sign in to your backend with a Google account. You’ll have 200MB of space to upload all your photos, texts, icons, MP3 audio. This will allow you to work and test your app until you want to publish or republish it

POI of interest

If needed, you can access free of charge our database of points of interest that will be uploaded directly into your App. More than 30,000 points of interest divided by category and geo-located. No other platform provides you this service

Technical Support

You can always count on our technical support, which can be provided by phone, e-mail or chat. Our technicians can access your backend with you in and give you all the explanations you need


All your contents are stored on our Amazon AWS and Google servers. The first 60 days are free, then you can decide whether to publish your App and not pay anything or pay 36 € per year and continue to keep your data on our servers

works in off-line mode

An App made for tourism, must work in the city but also in the woods or on mountain trails, must not be slow or inaccessible due to connection issues. Our Apps download all the content on your smartphone

+500 tourist apps RELEASED

We have customers all over the world, in Spain, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, India, Finland, Italy … our platform supports over 27 languages and you can add languages even after the first publication

We Publish to google and apple store

You don’t have to worry about how to publish your app on Google and Apple stores, how to create certificates, follow the required policies, generate screenshots…we do everything for you

Launched Apps

App Downloads

“It’s good. The descriptions are accurate and not too boring. The possibility of listening to them instead of reading them is a clever one, perfect even for the lazy ones. I recommend to download and use it before arriving in Madrid instead of during the holiday because the contents of the app are (fortunately) many and the city is big … you risk wasting time rummaging through the app or go around the city without half maybe looking for something that is actually around the corner … I repeat Great application … a must for those who go to Madrid even for just a few days.”

Aerdna Rescue

“Fantastic I’ve tried so many apps. I installed, rehearsed, deleted. With this was different I installed tried and kept. Useful comfortable with maps and tips interesting itineraries and well explained. Only flaw, which is not very important but to improve, is the voice of the audio guide that reads without expression and speaks slowly. everything else is fine, done fine .5 stars recommended.”

Fabrizio La Pera

“Almost a perfect guide to Prague. The best I have found and tried in my tour of Prague. Well thought out the possibility of being able to map the places of interest that interest the user and then to always be able to get its position in relation to the places of interest. It helps a lot in the definition and choice of personal itineraries. Very accurate map with remarkable zoom levels. Good descriptions even if sometimes a bit synthetic. The only drawback is that of having some difficulty in obtaining the map without an internet connection.”

Alberto Martinez

If you have a good idea and a great destination…you are ready to create a professional App

or be inspired by our customer case history

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